Simple things.. Are they Really Simple ?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So Whatz Up!

I was never this busy in the recent past. Totally tied up ... loads of work. I shifted my employer and joined a new one this month. Was away to home for a short break. Had fun, visited couple of places - Coimbatore and Kutralam.

Coimbatore is one place which is quite familiar for me next to Madurai and Chennai. It is a place with good living condition. But the traffic condition has gone worse and thats the cost we pay for the Developmental factor. Truely the city is growing. Government should further think of decentralising the industries across the state for atleast one reason - save CHENNAI. Day by day it is getting worse. Traffic is again pathetic.

I visited Kutralam along with me family and had a comfortable bath at two falls - Old kutralam and five falls. The amazing thing is breeze. Something we cant even imagine in in the place like Chennai. Fresh, unpolluted breeze. Great.

I joined a new company as a BA. My job profile is different from my earlier one. But one thing remains same is Analysis. It is intersting, because it is new and vice-versa.

So whatz up dude.