Simple things.. Are they Really Simple ?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Me Getting Popular

People, it is surprising that a book about me has been launched recently. After Opal Mehta, it is only me who got kissed, got wild and got a life. If you are interested in knowing the history and 'Geography' of the kiss, try to grap a copy.

Fine, considering the recent context of kaavya viswanathan and her novel, plesae dont drag me to court. This is just a fun played on me by my team mates.

But this made me to think of how a kiss would be ;)

Any interesting experience to share ???

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Driver Dreams

Last time during the visit to my home, I was told that a new driver has been appointed for our car. Also I was told that he was earlier doing some work in teleserial and lost money. When I met him on that day to give the car key, I assessed him around 35 yrs of age with a respectable background.

The next day I was going with him in the car. As only we both were there, he started enquiring about me. Then he started his story. It seems he had finished his diploma before 15 yrs or so. He belongs to a good family(land lord) with decent financial background in his village. To attain his dream in movie direction, much of their property had been converted to cash and was doing some work in tele serials. But the ultimate result is 'LOSS'. He said that it was mainly due to inexperience. He named an unknown director under whom he had worked as an assistant. So he now relocated to Madurai and now working as a driver. He is married and has a months old kid.

The point here is , he still preserves his interest even staying away from Chennai. He told about his story outline and was very confident that concept wise it is totally new. It seems he had told the story to RB Choudry a noted producer who has introduced many new faces. The producer got impressed and promised him that he would inverst half of the project cost. So his job now is to locate a producer who would invest the other half. He was asking me to refer someone who can be a producer partner.

I was really thrilled. I was not even able to laugh at his dream within myself. This must be mainly because of the episodes Director Cheran wrote in Anantha Vikatan - a tamil weekly. He too a diploma holder worked in various unrelated places with the same cinema dream. With all hurdles, pains, wounds, disappointments, he is now a decent good director. So we really dont know where the talent lies. During a discussion with my mentor, he was referring me an author's saying which goes like this - you may not know a person who sits near by while travelling, he could be an economist by intellect. That is true. Who knows I may even proudly say after 4 years or so one so was once working with us.

It also made me to think about myself and my dream. The hero of this post is so very particular about becoming a director. He says that he cant afford to loose his 10 years of dream. So Am I dreaming big. If not, sorry about myself, have to keep a bigger target. At the end of the day,if one turns back, it must be satisfactory. I may even be happy of a respectable failure.

"I realize, small aim is a crime" - Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

Is it...yes it is.