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Monday, April 09, 2007

It is just Cricket !!

After a very soon exit of Indian Cricket team from the world cup, even the great fans of cricket who would never ever miss a match and let indian cricket down had already started to give their own casual, on the go comment about Indian team. If our team members get an opportunity to listen to one, it would give 'Tongue-Pulling' feeling to them.

Yes, agreed, it is part of the game. But, it is true that we didnt play upto the mark. Efforts are even far below the ground water levels.

In my own opinion, our side had beaten a team only when it was out of shape. Else, no way. Also, I doubt whether we have a killer instinct or fire in the belly.

We as a true India had over interest, over confident over Indian Cricket.

Atleast now lets start develop interest on other sports. Let's watch, encourage and try to pull up the other sports that needs our attention.

I was really not much bothered about the exit. For the past two year or so, I lost interest and didnt even see one full match. FYI, I havent seen batting of Dhoni.


After tom, dick and harry for commenting on our great team, it is now the turn of Economic Times.

Simply Supreb !!!

(Note : It seems many of the Indians started adopting Australian team as our own. So pray. Australia should win the cup. Why pains? let the deserving team get the cup. Right ?)


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