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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am flying high - My first AIR experience

"Hey dude, I am coming tomorrw to Bangalore, are you available there for spending some time with me"

"Yah da, I available, so do you know my place from airport?"

This has become a very casual dialogue between two individuals, almost everywhere. The point here I am trying to make is, people now-a-days fly so easily. Thought about rail and bus comes only next to flight.Thanks to the mushrooming budget airlines. Companies now give candidates airtickets to fly for interviews. Working professionals fly to their home for vacations and festivals. So flying has now become no more a"HI-FUNDA" one.

But only now, I have got an opportunity to fly, for the first time. Today, I am flying from Chennai to Bangalore to attend a seminar. To be frank, I am not so very excited. Tickets have been booked in Airdeccan. I may come out with some interesting observations and experience. So watch this space.....

The ultimate idea is to mark this day.

!!!!!! Updates !!!!!!

When I was down there in Bangalore, I met up with some of my friends. When I told them that I came by Airdeccan, they said,"Dont you get some other one". I was surprised, even in the planes, there are good, bad and ugly. To support this, when I boarded on the plane and settled in a window seat and had my belt locked, I felt something was missing there. I was just looking here and there and found out at last. There was no left side hand rest for me. It got broken it seems. Also,as this is my first experience I may or may not be right, but once seated, it reminds me of a typical moffasil bus. Some told that unless if you not travelling in a business class, it remains same with a mild difference even for overseas travel.So nothing special. Altogether flying is an experience. It took 40 mins to reach Banglore and 30 mins to reach back Chennai.
So next time lets see, if I get a chance to fly in other company aircrafts.


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