Simple things.. Are they Really Simple ?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Current Thought

I live in Chennai. I visit 'Landmark' for almost twice or thrice a week Mainly I go there to look for new books, magazines, journals, cassettes, CDs and not for looking at good chics (hope you believed).
During my recent visit, I came across a book "The greatness guide" by robinsharma. I not a very good reader. Usually it takes quite a lot of time for me to complete half a book. But to my surprise, I have finished half the book in two days. The book has 101 chapters and each chapter hardly covers 1-2 page(s). He has talked about everthing that comes under business and personal mastery umberalla. I liked the book in general and loved few chapters. It gave me the feeling of reading bunch of blogs to my interest.

When I closed the book my mind opened asusual :) The life today is so very different compared to the one before ten years. It is getting tougher. When the going gets tougher, one needs to get more tougher. The thing is now-a-days, we have lot tools & techniques in the form of thoughts. We read and listen to those thoughts, we appreciate and at the end, we happily go back to our own regulars forgetting to follow what we learnt. For few it has become a entertainment activity. Like watching a telelserial, they read the wisdom for life. Is it the right way ?

Unless when practised, much of this stuff goes literally waste. It equals to NOTHING. We have the responsibility to lead by example. By doing so, we may inspire others and inturn and if couple of people follow us, It would be a great victory.

So what you say on this? Am I making sense !!!


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