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Thursday, November 03, 2005

One Year Happy 'Frosting'

I work for a global consuting company and have completed one year period this October 11, 2005. This one year is pretty much useful in knowing various things in a global context .

This is the first multinational company I am working for in my 6 years of professional life. The difference beween a MNC and a NON-MNC is huge. The first thing that comes to my mind is, they give an impression to each and evey employee that they are so very important for the organisation, irrespective of what kind of work they do.

Likewise Process, each and every activity of the organisation are under one or other Process. Nothing is isolated and all are grouped under different heads clearly. It gave me exposure on how to set or how effectively an activity work when it is been put in a process.

Our company has a certification exam and it has to be taken by all employees in all the locations.
This certification is all about the company and how it has been organised in terms of activities. It also covers the vision, goals, USP, corporate values etc. So at the end of the day each and every employee is aware of the company, its vision, its positioning, future plans, strategies etc. I am able appreciate this idea and it puts every one to look towards one direction. People with even little knowledge or interest in the management and business would give them a broad idea of how things are done practically. They can correlate with the theory they learnt in MBA or business courses.

The structure of the company is very flat. Even 'Director' of the company has been alloted a cabin and not a room. I wonder this because in my earlier company our Director claims respect and distance in as many ways as he can. I admire these kind of set-up.

There are also some strange things happens in my company. We have dress code and it applies only to guys and not for girls. Guys are expected to come in full formals with tie. In the week ends , ie., last working day of the week casuals are allowed. But surprisingly NO JEANS, NO ROUND NECK T-SHIRTS and NO SPORTS SHOES. But these hard and fast rules apply only to guys and not girls. Girls enjoy all the freedom in wearing any type of dresses. When I first realised this, I was bothered a little, but as the days pass on and looking at girls wearing modern costumes, it made sense to me . What difference a guy is going to make by wearing a jeans and a t-shirt instead of regular pant shirts. But they can make the difference ;)).

I have acquired some new skills which would allow me differentiate myself. This one year has given me a lot to take with me in both professional and fun parts.


  • At 4:42 AM, Blogger Raj said…

    What ever topic you start writing one thing is sure, you always think about gals. I think its time now for you to get married, then your overall perspectives won't be like this.
    Anyway, all the very best at Frost!


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