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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

About going for MBA

Hi Everybody,

This particular issue has been in my mind for quite a long time. Now -a-days most of the business magazines are coming out with B-School rankingS with different parameters. More number of people also want to go for an MBA. So my question is how many of these people going for MBA feel that they want the management education or they are much suited for management. I think most of the student go for MBA because they clear the entrance exams, because they can earn more money by getting placed in the multi national companies and so many other 'becauses'.

So is it a healthy trend ?

Ideal way of doing a management course is by gaining some work experience and try to update oneself with the ongoing corporate happenings before getting into the progrom. So once they are in , they will be able to relate things in a better way, can refine their ideas, plan their future well.

Let me take myself as an example. I am basically a commerce graduate and did my post graduation in Information Technology and Management and was with the IT industry for some time. Only during that stint I really felt I was much suited for management kind of job. It took some time for me decide on this issue and started looking for a management job. After getting into a consultancy company as a 'Business Analyst' I was exposed to real managment issues and was able to develop my analytical skills on Strategy. So thereI felt that I should go for a Management Program without leaving a job.

I was not for correspondece education, so thanks to the technology, I came to know about Direcway which introduced the VSAT management programs. So I got an opportunity to do PGDGM through Narsee Monjee Institute of Managment Studies, Mumbai. I should say it really helped and added value to me. Now I am very much clear about setting up my career in Research and Strategy.

So I feel before getting into a management program, one should feel that he is much suited for management and has skills to horn. Also a good amont of work experience is definitely a value addition.

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