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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Brain Bank

Recently been to my home for my deepavali holidays. There I happen to watch some movies which I missed earlier. One movie which I am going to take for this post is 'Anbe Aaruyire'(A..Aah), directed by SJ Suriya. This guy has his own style of making movies. He started as a director and now doing both action and direction together. His first two directional venture was a great success, infact the movies was good.
Ths story of this movie A..Aah is so very simple. There live a couple and husband finds very less time to be with his wife. There starts problem and at one situation they both get parted. Here the Director brings the good memories/thoughts of both in the form of the their own.Those memories brings back the couple together again. Then at the end it is -SUBAM.
I am able appreciate the director for thinking in this line. For the first time to my knowledge the pleasant memories/positive thoughts has become a part of the cast.Now-a-days I could get this kind of advices in the books, TV programmes that one should have positive thoughts always.
Recently I read a book called 'Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. He argues that brain is like a bank, you get what you put.
The logic : When you think postively and try to put all good things in your brain, during the time of crisis the brain will automatically retrieve you those good things which supports you. For example : when you are allotted a tough project and when you feel quite scared, the brain will support you with all good things that happened to you earlier. Sometime back your would have completed a tough thing succesfully. So, that memory will come to rescue during the needy hours.
I really wonder how this guy got impressed with this idea and gave form on the screen. I would say it is quite innovative thinking and he must be bold enough to experiment this kind of stuff.
But the director could have made the movie more 'U'niversal. As it revolves around a couple, he has added more SPICE to the scenes both visually and verbally.
This kind of thought should reach all age groups, particularly childrens. But this guy has the track record of incorporating the 'SEX' component in all his movies.
My feeling is- good messages should not get over shadowed by cheap stuff. Atleast hereafter the movie makers should not mix both.


  • At 3:37 AM, Blogger Raj said…

    Krish, Actually I've not seen the film. But I came to know from you about the film. I too accept that good messages should not get over shadowed by cheap stuff. That's why in my last comment also I've mentioned that whenever you started talking/writing something you always end up(here u haven't done) in relating with gals etc.,
    Thats why I strongly suggest that this is hitime for you to get married. Then afterwards u can feel the difference and you won't write anything like the previous blogs.
    Final complement: this is really good about Mind Bank. So always have good things to your mind. Dont let it to be filled such unwanted stuffs.

    Keep blogging (good) stuffs only.



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