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Saturday, November 05, 2005

My SUB-WAY Thought

In our company we have a practice for going on a team lunch once in a term. So recently we been to 'SUB WAY' an outlet with all american stuff. We enjoyed tasting new food items. The system there was, after deciding on the food items we need to pay the money and collect the food items which are served on a tray.

Once we were over with the food we areasked to drop the food foils in the bin the corner and keep the tray near by. We all did the same with absolutely no hitch or block or hesitation. When we came out it started pinching me. The reason being how would I have felt if I were asked to put the banana leaf in our hotels once we finish taking the food. I would be doing the same as per the instruction, but would I be with the same 'Hesitation Free' mindset. No, I would hesistate. Why so? are we too comfortable with western way of doing things. If so, why do we hesitate when we do the same thing here.

When I gave a thought on this, I got two reasons.

1. In western coutries, they dont enjoy the luxury of labour. It is quite expensive for them to employ people to do the suupport activities. So they have the system that is 'Self Help'. So they implemented such practice in the respective places and people also feel comfortable with that. But our country's advantage as of now globally is man power, that too cheap man power. It is the sense of luxury we are used to both in our home and placed outside home.

2. The state of food plays a role here. Western food are more solid in nature. So even after consuming the food we will not feel uncomfortable handling the left outs. But our type of food are more of semi solid and liquid foods. So it is quite natural that anybody will fell uncomfortble handling things so easily. I am not saying difficult, but quite uneasy. For example when we are asked to remove the banana leaf after the lunch, we may split the remainings on the floor on the way to the basket. To avoid this hotel people keep people exclusively to do this job.

The social set up under goes a major change now-a days and now it is better be on our own. The best place to start is from our 'HOME'. The 'HOME' is where the real change should start and subsequently would affect the 'COUNTRY' in the long run.

So certain things cant be looked blankly without considering the social and cultural factors.


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