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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lets Also Look Down !

Its quite some time I made a post here. It is mainly due to some other preoccupation and other priorities. But then a usual enlightment striked and I wish to keep this active.

"In what am I contributing to bring new effecient people to light ?"

This particular question is ringing around me for the past few days. whenever and whereever we discuss with our friends, relatives, strangers, we mostly talk about very known and familiar people. Take politics - we talk about the Dr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Laloo Prasad Yadav and so. The same in the case of movies, sports, business, b-schools, cities etc. We talk mostly about the top segment.I fear that on the way we might miss people who deserve the public awareness to grow. Also we dont take much efforts to know about the segment which needs attention.

Take for example Hockey- as a sport it not attracting much attention like Cricket. We all know about this and what step are we taking to do something for this 'child of lesser god'. Recently been to my friend's(groom) wedding. His father-in-law was holding a director postion in a olmpic committee. During the reception I could see a big crowd and was able to see some 'Singhs'. Only after getting the announcement we came to know that they are the INDIAN HOCKEY TEAM.

I was embarassed. It was a big shame on me

Recently I read about 'Vikram Pillai' an Indian Hockey Player in a local magazine. He was there at Chennai for some training and was staying in a lodge for a daily rent of Rs.200. Just think of a cricket player who comes for a training camp and see how much media attention he gets and look at the place he stays.

When I was discussing this with my friend, he was telling me that Govenment should interfere and offer some exemption for the companies who sponsors for these games. Yes, it is a good idea.

My little feeling of 'Embarassment' and 'Shame' is not going to help anybody productively. So what to do from an individual's end to make a difference.

First let us believe strongly that we can make difference. I am not coming to say that we alone can make it, but we can be a part of making a winning proposition.

So lets think what you and I can do on this. Unlike some ten years ago we have now a better visibility.I now making this particular thought of me available to a bunch of readers. This is what I call as Visibility.This is just a micro level.

Recently in a local magazine brought into light a bunch guys who are very good in football. But they lack sponsorships. Leave alone sports,there are umpteen number of stories lying here and there in all walks of life. Not everybody can be helped. I am much interested in igniting this thought. Due course of time we will strike upon better ideas to get implement certain ideas.

What do feel about can we make it???


  • At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My belief in the system and society at large gets a fillip whenever young people show their concern for the less priveleged.Attention and appreciation going all the time to rich and famous is as old as one could think of.The New Economy is often described as "Winner takes all" economy.But atleast in our society it has always been the case.But we need not lose hope.As a matter of fact I have not.
    The same New Economy has also removed a number of "entry barriers".Entry is easy now.But that need not mean success is assured.For that matter even existence is not guaranteed.Here again instead of fretting over the negative side we must try to leverage the positive features of the New Economy dominated by ICT.
    You have talked about the people below the line being ignored.It"s true they remail unheard and their problems remain unaddressed.But it is well within our reach to do something that would dramatically change their life.
    Equally or even more important is the hard reality that many people above-not in terms of economic status but in thinking and doing- are also remain unheard and unnoticed.Spotting and recognising them is important because these people are capable of addressing the people below.
    Here again,today's technology can literally come to our aid.But to make it happen people have to take little steps- only little steps.They are capable of changing our life better for ever.
    The society needs two kinds of leaders:doers or activists and thought leaders.Both of them need critical mass to achieve success in whatever they want to achieve.Maha Kavi Bharathiar belongs to the second category.We all know how much this great man suffered just to get his works published.In today's situation,thanks to Internet it would just happen.Entry is guaranteed.Since these people have so much conviction,courage and conviction,they are bound to succeed.By facilitating easy entry such thought leaders can make their mark today much more easily than in Bharathi's days.
    For the activists also ICT provides an excellent platform to advance their case and acomplish their mission with "networks".
    As a self proclaimed activist I also spend this time to see whether I can advance my case and create a network to help achieve my objective.
    The idea is to mobilise 337 people to contribute let us sayRs.500 or Rs.1000 per year for the noble purpose of Education.With this money we can give relevant education to thousands of unemployed graduates and make their life meaningful.The yearly contribution can come on the day of say their Wedding Day.As a token of recognition of their kind gesture we can present a Book which will help them lead a happy life.
    Now is it well within our means?Is it doable?Can we mobilize that many number of people to come forward for a Noble Cause?
    I would like to hear from you.
    Thanks.S.Gnana Haran.


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