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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My De-frosting Day

Yes, today I am calling it a day with my present employer - Frost & Sullivan. I spent around 25 months here. Not on a formality ground, but this two years had been a wonderful experience for me. It thrown open me to a world, which I was never exposed to. A multi national company, its business, its culture etc., was a true learning for me. I remember the first day, when I got a doubt, I called my teamate addressing him as 'Sir'. He asked me to call by his name and also insisted me to do so with others in the organisation,no matter who is he/she. It was a pleasant surprise for me. It gives you a feeling of everybody down here is equal. I appreciate this system.

Again, there is no special respect for anybody else. Also, they dont expect rather. Even after joining, many dont know who our 'Director' was. But when they came to know him, they were surprised that he was one who traveled with others in a packed lift and smokes with others in a smoke cloudy area. This might be a surprise to many who reads this, but for me it was a new thing.

The other one is a annual party. It is an event for which everybody waits for in a year. It usually happens in a disco floor in a star hotel. Dance, fun,food and girls dressed in a bollywood style use to be a pure fantasy.

My team here is also a vibrant one. I had enough great time spending pulling each others leg. Our team lunches are unfogettable. Last year mid, our director from US visited our office for the first time. Our interaction with her and our trip to mahabalipuram was yet another pleasant experience. The best part is, during her visit here, she once took all of us to a conferance room and gave all a set of games and asked us to play.

So altogether, I am taking with me a great,pleasant memories with me to my next assignment. I really dont know what kind of things are waiting for me there.

Life is full of surprises - according to my experience.


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