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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Look beyond...

This year my cousin gave her higher secondary exams and scored a decent 80% plus. Considering the present day competitive scenario, they were obviously not happy. The family is now actively sorting out ways to join her in a engineering college. She is very much particular about engineering. So the efforts are on. By the way I also heared various cases of different levels of marks and the anxiety to get into engineering.

I really felt bad about one thing. People here still think conventional. They want their son or daughter to score high marks in higher secondary , get an engineering seat and much of the people dont bother about the discipline. The reason being any how they will be end up in a job in a decent software company. This is the hope and wish.

Till now I never came across a parent who wants to make their child an economist, an entrepreneur, a professor and so. There are humpty number of fields left un noticed. We people dont take intiative to lead by example. We feel very much comfortable about following a big crowd. Never made attempt to listen to our inner voice. I know guys who are staying in a different field just because a fat pay packet. They can earn many folds if they really go by their wish and know where they want and should be. In the outset it may look unglamorous, may not be proud enough to say to your neighbour and relatives. But will pay for sure.

I appreciate the thougts and move of few guys who are all IIM grads and now simply follow their inner voice. They may not earn couple of 4 lacs in the first month out of IIM. But will sure enough become big people who will be remembered and respected.

In the course of saying this, I also tell myself. Lets try to be unconventional. Our country is no more the land that exist few years back. Earlier people use to say, if you are not able to achieve something in US, you can do anything else where. The present situation in India also looks the same. We can now explore, experiment and enjoy.

So parents, guys , gals and friends, please look beyong BEs................


  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger Virtuous Enterprise said…

    Dear Krishna,
    It is very true that most of us dont beleive that there is life beyond Medicine and Engineering.It is basically because,I beleive,of most parents'attitude or thinking of putting their children in what they thinkthe best professions of the day.Very few think in terms of making or motivating(because that is what we can do)them to be the Best in whatever thy want to do in their lives.It is common sense to realise that it is much more easier to become somebody in the field of Geography or Geology.But still we want our children to become average doctors or engineers rather than to allow them to excel in an area of their choice.
    S.Gnana Haran.

  • At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Vijay said…


    Good thought, something that we were dicussing long time back abt kids losing their childhood just because they have to fulfill their parent's expectation and believe me, they are put through so much of torment, things that you would never imagine of.

    I thoroughly detest the idea of parents wanting their child to be what they dreamed of and were not able to achieve. Every parent would want their child to be the best but none of them (these days)take the pains of tryin to indentify special abilities of their kids and try and work on motivating them to be the best in that special ability of that kid.

    Basic logic is every process has to go through a certain time period and stages to attain and deliver its full potential. It is not advisable to use growth accelerators to quickly attain the end.

    Well i hope parents all over realise this.



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