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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bye September

This month somehow I was not able to put my post. Not that this is because I dont have some stuff to provide, but it was mainly due to preoccupation. Many thoughts passed through my mind and also couple of interesting incident to share, but absolutely I was not able put in words to keep it before you people.
In this month, I had a good gathering at my grandma's place on the occasion of my uncle's 25th wedding anniversary. For participating in this event I missed a good one day picnic organised by my company at MGM beach resort. People attended often telling me even now that I had missed a good one.
Again this month, I met couple of bloggers through my friend who is also a blogger. The best and suprising part is, when I was introduced to them and when they clarified and tried to understand which Krishna am I in this blogsphere, A blogger just recognised me throught my Rajinikanth article. Was really surprised. I thought my friend would have told before. But NO, he didnt say anything it seems. I was able to appreciate the power of this medium. It also made me happy that somebody read my blog and able to recognise me throught that. A good thing.
A sale is going on in Landmark and visited few times there to look out for everthing that is available there. Thats has become a hobby for me now-a-days. People also started commenting me relating landmark. Thats fun.
One day with my teammates I had a good session about today's guys, girls expectations with regard to marriage and few good funny incidents. That was quite funny. The interesting part is girls now-a-days started liking guys who are not fair. They call it as 'Tan' colour. Was interesting to find the changing taste and views of the girls.
Surya Jyothika wedding was another big event happened this month. The reason for quoting it as 'BIG' is because, on the day of the wedding, people started updating the blog as soon as they received the photos from other www source. By around 11'o clock, these pictures was forwarded to all in my office from somebody and at one point of time, I saw the the monitors at some 3 bays were occupied by Surya and Jo. Was amazed to see the interest of the public on this wedding. My wishes for the couple.
So the month was quite eventful and just ran like 'Minnal'.Any interesting events from your side...why dont you share it with me.


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