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Monday, October 30, 2006

One Night @ Disco

This weekend I had a different experience of spending few hours at a discotheque floor at a leading five star hotel in the city. The primary reason I opted for this unusual choice of me is to get to know what is happening over there.

Earlier the plan was about taking a gang of people from our office to go there. But as usual the crowd became thin and in total 5 people made it finally. I was told that only ‘pairs’ are allowed inside the place. But when enquired it was told that along with a couple any number of ‘Stags’ are allowed. So with couple of pairs, I was a ‘STAG’ there.

We entered well in advance at 9PM and altogether including us it was only 10 people were there max in the hall. But slowly people started pouring in. Entrance ticket was charged Rs. 750/- and of that for Rs.500/- you can redeem for beverages. But to the surprise, if you touch any alcoholic drink, it starts from Rs.400+. Only the non-alcoholic drinks are priced in Rs.100s. I was in the safer side and settled with a Becks.

For much of the time my eyes were roaming all over to just look at the people who comes there. Before that I would like to tell about my earlier visit to this kind of places. I have visited couple of disco places here in the city. But that was through our company’s annual party events. Except the place, there was no big difference. The crowd would be the same and that too the hall would always get jam packed.

People use to tell me stories about this places like its glamour, celebrities etc., and this motivated to see all these good things I never exposed to. Yes, you could visit this kind of places for its sheer glamour. It was raining heavily outside and the way girls dress is making this place much hotter. On the way I could see quite a few cinema celebrities and I was told the cricketer Murali Karthick was there in the ground floor of disco hall.

But with all this I didn’t find myself very comfortable. The reason being, to have a really good time one should have the habit of taking alcoholic beverages or a girl friend by the side. Girl friend here I mean is not one who is orthodox and conservative. Out of some 100 females, 90% of the people drinks and about 25 % smokes. I was able to see only couple of females with chudithaar and saree. The whole show was over by 11.30 PM, which was much early compared with the regular weekend timing. That is mainly because of the heavy rain and with a big concern I reached my place safely.

A post disco thought :
As I said you before, I was not so very comfortable there. The reason being, if you ask me or if I ask myself that ‘Am I really love this way of relaxing by busting the week long stress that was built on me’. No , I am not use to this kind of relaxing, rather I would prefer my own way, which I am used to.

The way I relax is quite simple and a proven method. Once I come back from office, I would get refreshed. Grab a book, read few pages. Feeling bored or sleepy, then close the book, open the notebook. Listening to some good numbers, just scan through some stuff. If the clock strikes 10, just close everything, put on the FM and I started to love ‘Iniya Iravu’ from SUN FM. This would mostly contain good melodious. Listening and slowly embracing the sleep is really good.On weekends, in the evening, I would prefer going to beach and spend some time there. Thats it.

So when is going to be my next disco night. Sure, I would prefer to go say once in a six months with good friends of mine. Go over there, crack jokes, look att he hot chicks, dance for sometime and come back happily.

So are you coming?


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