Simple things.. Are they Really Simple ?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When you buy a book..

Recently I bought Freakonomics. I was not actually thinking of having a copy of this book. But, when I visited the book's website, I found the students guide, where the author(s) have explanined the eonomic concepts on which each chapter was built upon. Somehow I fell in love with economics after my PG in management. So to have a better understanding of the book and Economics,I purchased one. Also, It consistently finding a place in the top 5 list of 'Can't wait to read' management books in Economic Times.

When I was trying to pull out a good copy interms of sharp corners, I noticed the price tag in each book. The price of the book is varying across the copies. It starts from Rs.247 and it goes till Rs.267. I was wondering. I thought it must be the printer mistake or so. But when checked with the service people there, their answer was surprising.

He says that it all depends upon the date on which the book lot comes to India and the currency exchange rates prevails on that particular day. It was really a news for me. Also I never heard this this matter from anybody else. People who knows something on this, please tell me. The take away is , to take a better price, check differenct copies of a book.