Simple things.. Are they Really Simple ?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Strategic Thought

Like anybody, I too love Strategic Thoughts. Strategic Thoughts - here I mean the way one looks at the opportunity. Sometime back I was told that, during a dicussion with his team mates, COKE CEO insisted that,PEPSI drinkers are not our target. Our target are those who drinks water. We need to sort out ways on how to make COKE a substitute for Water. For me it was a great thought, personally It gave me an exposure on how different and innovative one should look at things.

Recently, I read a similar case which is worth mentioning. In the recent Nandan - Nooyi chat, when she was in the process of transforming the Pepsico, the team was chopping the existing and buying new business. At one stage, when looking at the existing business, they had found out that Pepsico food is suitable only after 10 AM. So there was a time gap that exists between 5AM to 10 AM. Tropicana was acquired mainly to fill it up this time slot. This is yet another way of looking at things. But when you deeply look into this, you may very well agree with the decision. Being a food company, time slots would be the best way to segment. Which ever nationality it may be, people take different food at different time. Not one food fits all.

Also the whole of the interview is a great read. You would really admire and appreciate the touch work and big decisions behind every business, particulary during transformation.

Dont miss a good PEPSICO case study.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Know how many hours to sleep to become Chairman !!

How many hours of sleep a humanbeing need to have daily. I have heard people saying that they would sleep for 7-8 hours on an average. I have also heard from doctors that one need to sleep for 8 hours completely, so that it would give one rest for both body andmind.

I see that I sleep for 8 hours a day.Is it really a need or it is just gives a psychological feeling of resting ourself in full? Let me not continue to confuse you and I also dont have any scientific facts of what our body and mind needs in the sleep.

Today in Economic Times a special discussion got published. The discussion was between, Mr. Nandan of Infosys and MS. Indira Nooyi of Pepsi. The discussion went around on the business primarily and in last part there was some personal chattings. Ms. Indira was telling that she sleeps for 4 hrs a day. She holds one of the elite position in the business as Chairman of Pepsico in US.
Now, Check with your sleeping duration and decide....